The first Lego movie was brilliant. It was so different from any animated movie at the time and was incredibly funny AND had a catchy theme song. So a spin-off with one of the best characters from that movie created a lot of excitement.

The Lego Batman movie takes on the iconic character who has been represented on film so many times and manages to give us a fresh perspective. That is its greatest achievement. It takes the extremely witty humour of the first film and throws in so many references to the comics and previous films that it creates a great balance between respecting the character and poking fun at it.

I don’t want to give too much away so all I’m going to say about the story is that it is more about exploring different aspects of Batman’s character rather than a concrete plot. Almost every Batman villian makes an appearance and beloved characters such as Commissioner and Barbara Gordon, Robin and for the first time in a much more elaborate role – Alfred, are part of the film.

It has to be said though, the film is nowhere as good as the first one. It drags on a bit in the middle and perhaps has lost some of that uniqueness that the first film brought in. They could have definitely taken out a song or two and had a tighter script which builds more suspense into the story, it is a Batman movie after all.

What the movie does have in abundance is zingy lines that keep both children and adults entertained. SPOILER ALERT! I also loved the special appearance by Sauron in the film.

A review of this film cannot be complete without mentioning Will Arnett’s brilliant voice acting as Batman. He throws out one quick line after another in a fantastic Batman-ish gravelly voice, breathing life into the narcissistic, brooding, incredibly skilled Lego Batman.

I loved the original Lego movie for several reasons, not only was it incredibly funny and visually unique, it also drew an amazing parallel between our consumerist, monotonous lives today and the uniformity of Lego blocks and had an unexpected plot twist in the end. That is a really high standard to follow and the Lego Batman movie unfortunately falls short of that pedestal. So, while it isn’t better than the Lego movie, it is far better than the disappointing Batman vs Superman :Dawn of Justice.