Symphony (noun) : a harmonious combination of elements.


An extended large-scale orchestral composition, usually with several movements.

Either of these descriptions could be used to represent Director Edgar Wright’s film Baby Driver as weaves together script and music into a beautiful symphony.

I actually quite like Wright’s films and this one is certainly one of his best. The movie is about Baby, a brilliant getaway driver who constantly listens to music to deal with his Tinnitus. Baby works for the sophisticated and sleek criminal mastermind Doc (Kevin Spacey). Baby falls in love with Debora (Lily James) a young waitress . The movie combines these elements flawlessly and creates a heist cum romance movie.

One of Baby Driver’s greatest strengths is the cast – Led by the baby-faced Ansel Elgort of ‘Fault in our Stars’ fame who plays the titular Baby doing complete justice to the role. Wright gives us a good-guy-doing-bad-things who is vulnerable and yet increadibly intelligent and Elgort turns up the charm making us love Baby. Kevin Spacey is incredible and he has perfected the art of sophisticated menace. Jamie Foxx plays a character aptly called Bats. In one scene he says, “I’m the one who got mental problems in the crew. Position taken”, that sums up his character. The surprise is Jon Hamm’s character, an ex-Wall Street guy who has given it all up due to drug problems and now just does heists with his girlfriend. Hamm aka Buddy is friendly in the beginning but hiding an insane rage underneath which is unleashed in the climax. The cast really shines in this film.

The lack of excessive CGI evokes a sense of nostalgia of car chase films before they were just created by computers yet the film is fast-paced enough to appeal to an adrenaline junkie. The soundtrack weaves itself beautifully into the film – it is as if the director is a musician, a choreographer and an action coordinator rolled into one. The sequence where Baby weaves through the crowds to buy some coffee where lyrics of the song are subtly placed or all the car chase sequences which are perfectly synced to the music highlight this aspect. The films small details like Baby’s different ipods, his unlimited supply of sunglasses or Doc’s adorable yet nefarious nephew are a delight to take in.

The best thing about the movie however is that is incredibly unique. And a film that is unique is unique in the world of cinema today! I could say it has shades of Tarantino but it is its own film, I could say it’s a heist film but it isn’t completely one, and so on. I spent a while after the film trying to think where this fits in and it doesn’t and that is so rare that it took me a while to even comprehend that.

This is the thought I leave you with – Baby Driver is a truly unique film.

I hope you watch the film and do let me know what you thought of it.