I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan and this is THE season I have been waiting for! The season where the Starks are no longer being beaten and killed.

WARNING : SPOILERS AHEAD (How does one review a GOT episode without spoilers anyway?)

The best part of the episode was the opening where Arya kills the entire Frey clan. When she says “The north remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey”, #chills. It was such a powerful moment, signifying the beginning of Arya’s quest, her transformation into a independent, strong, ruthless and unstoppable force. Her storyline is going to be brilliant to follow this season.

The new King in the North Jon Snow is making decisions and though he is warned by Sansa, it seems he is unable to make decisions differently from Ned and Robb Stark. The Starks have always been punished for being morally upright and just in a dark world. I think we have to wait and watch to see what happens. I suspect Jon will continue with Ned’s principles and finally be the only Stark for whom it pays off. At least I hope that’s how it goes.

Meanwhile Sansa comes across as a hardened politician, certainly due to her experiences during the course of the show. Since he didn’t listen to her during the Battle of the Bastards maybe it will help Jon to take her advice going forward. Personally I think it would be better if the siblings discussed their decisions in private before talking in a gathering.

GOTs7E1 Image 3
Lyanna Mormont continues to kill it! #slay (Someone please give her a bigger role!)

Cersei is busy making a vision board by having a map of the kingdom painted onto her floor. She certainly is more ruthless now that her maternal instincts are no longer at play. However the way she speaks of Tommen makes me wonder if she’s going to go a bit insane without her children and especially since it’s looking more likely that Jamie might leave her side. Euron Greyjoy who has donned some sort of goth-hipster look appears and through some light flirting with Cersei and taking potshots at Jamie, oddly proposes to marry Cersei.

Next we catch up with poor Sam Tarly who is caught in a disgusting poop-and-soup loop. The montage is unnecessarily  long. Tarly pulls a Harry Potter and requests his professor, sorry maester (Jim Broadbent!) for access to the restricted section. He makes an important discovery about Dragonglass and is scared out of his mind by a greyscale covered Jorah Mormont (looks like he didn’t find a cure after all).

We see a few small diversions from the storyline, most importantly Bran who has finally arrived at the Wall accompanied by an exhausted Meera who has had to drag him around for ages. Being Bran’s companion is certainly the toughest and most annoying job on the show.

GOTs7E1 Image 2

Last but certainly not the least, Daenerys and her companions finally land in Westeros in a place called Dragonstone. The way Dragonstone looks now as opposed to when the Baratheons were there, is a testament to the evolved CGI on the show. In fact the entire episode looks visually amazing.

Being the first episode, this one had to focus on catching up with all the characters and establishing the storylines. I didn’t really mind that and am certain they will pick up the pace going forward since there are only a limited number of episodes left.

Oh and yes, before I sign off, I guess one must discuss the most obvious cameo in the world by Ed Sheeran. Honestly, I quite liked it. He sings so well and for some reason it felt like a LOTR moment which I enjoyed.

What did you guys think of the episode? 🙂