If I had to write a two-word review of The Fate of the Furious aka F&F 8 , it would be insanely entertaining.

The movie doesn’t take its foot off the accelerator even for a moment. You have no time to think, blink or breathe, so you don’t realize there isn’t much of a script. But this franchise was never known to be big on story, in fact, it’s always the same story but with better cars and bigger stunts.

This one starts off in Havana and as one of the few Hollywood movies to be shot in Cuba, I have to say it is gorgeous. Vintage cars matched with picture perfect architecture makes Havana the perfect location for a F&F movie. I wish the entire movie had been shot in Havana.

It isn’t and we quickly move across the world chasing, the big and only twist in this movie – Dom (Vin Diesel) who has been turned into a bad guy by hacker extraordinaire Cipher played by Charlize Theron. Theron, whose acting chops are wasted in this film, sports ridiculous dreadlocks meant to make her look menacing but she comes off looking like a misplaced hippie instead (She looked far better in Mad Max despite the mechanical arm). I found the hair annoyingly distracting. I imagine she was paid millions.

There is a brilliant sequence in the film where all the cars in New York are hacked by Cipher. That is pretty much how the movie is strung together – lots of cool action sequences thrown together and logic and physics thrown out of the window. Did I mention a carjacked Russian submarine chase sequence? Only believable in a F&F movie.

As always there is a huge cast, mostly forgettable or wasted in their roles. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham (with a sleek and funny fight sequence on a plane) carry this film. They are far more entertaining than Vin Diesel. Kurt Russel and Helen Mirren are in the film very briefly but add a lot of spark.

The movie makes no sense and the plot holes are bigger than the chasms the characters jump over, however that isn’t why you go to watch this film. It is crazy entertaining and if wild car chases and insane stunts are your thing, watch this now!